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Stop it, already!

It's presidential campaign primary season, of course, so much of the idle chatter here and there is turning political. I know someone from New York state who absolutely adores Hillary Clinton, and (without knowing my own leanings), she accused women who do not support Ms. Clinton as being biased against the whole idea of a female president, either consciously or because of ingrained cultural sexism.

I had to speak up, because this is probably the gazillionth time I've heard someone say this or something similar. I'm not a Hillary supporter, and yet I feel it's high time we had a female president... just not her, thanks. And that's not to say I'd definitely vote for any other candidate based upon her gender, either, mind you. I think telling people they need to vote for Hillary because she is a woman is just as sexist as telling people they shouldn't vote for her because she is a woman. In both cases, you are basing your vote not on her qualifications or positions, but upon her gender.

Likewise, I feel it is racist to base support for Barack Obama on his race alone, just as racist as it is to make that your reason for not supporting him.

Vote however you like, support whomever you like. But don't tell me that because we both have vaginas, I should support Hillary Clinton. That makes as much damn sense as telling me I should vote for Rudy Giuliani because he and I both have elbows.
Tags: politics, racism, sexism, vote 2008
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