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The Puppy Diaries: First Day Home.

Dear Diary,

Today I was sleeping peacefully under a piece of irrigation equipment when some human I've smelled before carried me off. My mom was barking a little about it, but we got into a big moving box of some kind and lots of trees and houses and smells moved past really quick-like. Mostly I just snuggled against a comfy bosom the whole time, which was pretty okay.

The humans have a den in a very weird place--up a whole bunch of stairs from a busy street that is full of smells that greatly interest me and loud sounds I dislike. All the humans outside want to touch me, and it's very exhausting. Mostly I slept today--on bosom and on clothing that smelled like that bosom.

The humans put something around my neck that I don't understand. Here I am, sitting patiently next to them after peeing on the noisy street, and the thing tugs at my neck! So I cry. Every time. (That means they pick me up, and THAT means bosom.)

Also I met a large dog who scared me, and I had to hide between the human's feet. Mostly I am scared of everything right now, including the grey thing that walks up to my pen to hiss at me and stalks away.

And I am sleepy again.

Good night.

Signed, Haku the puppy
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