la renarde (pouringsand) wrote,

The Puppy Diaries, Day Two.

Dear Diary,

Today I learned that I can howl! That's pretty cool, although the humans don't seem as impressed.

I hate being inside my exercise pen, but I also hate being outside my exercise pen when I want the things that are inside my exercise pen. I only want to get in there to eat or drink or gnaw on my toys or whatever, I don't want to stay in there. Why is this so hard for the humans to understand? (Howling helps their comprehension.)

Just now I went outside for the forty millionth time today, but it was totally a fake out! I just wanted to check my doggie pee-mail at the tree outside and try to eat a couple of sticks. Then a car came and I had to hide between the bosomed one's feet again. Also I briefly spazzed about the collar and lead, but it just seemed like the right time.

All of that was exhausting, so I passed out on the living room floor in mid-chew, with a little bit of sock edge still inside my mouth. I'll finish chewing it later, when I wake up.

Haku the puppy

P.S. - The bosomed human keeps putting this silver thing in my face that flashes lights at me...
Tags: haku, puppy
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