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27 November 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Specs, eye exams and other such interesting things.  
Although I'm surprised it took this long, Haku finally got hold of my glasses. He managed to gnaw off part of the frame--one of the nose rests, thankfully hidden and easily filed down--and mangle an earpiece before I wrested them away. Of course, I promptly dropped them and stepped on them in my clumsy attempt at simultaneous specs retrieval and dog wrangling, officially jacking them up worse. Had they been fully plastic, I would've wrecked them for sure, but the sides are metal and I managed to bend them back into a semi-wearable shape... as long as you overlook the fact that I have to keep straightening them on the bridge of my nose, one side constantly creeping up and making them askew.

An eye exam was grossly overdue anyway, so I found a proper eye doctor here in the city, as per the requirements of my insurance. No one-hour lens grinder for me, no sir! In my ignorance of true, office-based eye-doctoring, I didn't realise there was another type of glaucoma test that doesn't involve a puff of air to the cornea, either! Drops in the eyes are no big deal, and there's nothing particularly freaky about staring into a bright blue light... except I remember thinking at the time that it almost seemed like the instrument was touching me. I discounted that--since I felt nothing--right up until I saw Dr. O wipe off the tonometer, and now that I have done my research, I know that yes, the instrument manually checked my eyeball pressure. Aiyee! The whole idea of anything touching my eyeball makes me paranoid with dread that an earthquake is going to happen while it's being done and gouge out my eye, or a maniac is going to break into the exam room and startle the doc and he'll bump the machine and it will gouge out my eye, or the machine will malfunction and the instrument will press too hard and... I think you see where I'm going with this (pun intended). Ignorance really is bliss in this case--I would prefer to simply enjoy the lack of air puff without worrying about things poking my cornea and possibly blinding me in a freak accident.

Thank you, my penchant for research, for this wonderful gift of something new about which to be neurotic!

Anyway, these are the new specs, but in black instead of purple, and the little flower silhouettes on the earpieces are white. I am totally in love with them and their cat's eye shapeliness! And if I am any judge when my vision is wacked out due to exam eyedrops to the point that I can't read regular typeface and every headlight, taillight and streetlight on the trip home has a big corona around it, they look pretty spiffy on me.

Am I correct in the notion that lenses ground off in a lab somewhere and mailed to me in a week or two are more accurate than lenses dashed off in an hour in an assembly-line, LensCrafters-style setting? I remember hearing that somewhere, but I don't know if it's true or just snobbery. In any case, I will have them soon. Dr. O says I will be amazed at the difference, too... they're two levels stronger than my current pair, with which I am definitely not seeing 20/20. I am of course delighted to know my myopia is progressively worsening, but I'm not exactly surprised. Every member of my immediate family wears corrective lenses; eventually I'm sure I'll be rocking blended trifocals like my mother. And so it goes.
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